Team Building


A good team is a team that is motivated, and more than ever you need to motivate your people to perform. We understand the pressures of performance and delivery in the corporate and sporting worlds and will work with you to tailor a unique, fun and challenging team building event for your most valuable asset.... your people. 


We organise and run team building activities from any location in the country for your conference, offsite, training programs, end of year event etc. Two Inspire offer truly memorable and tangible experiences based on adventure themes, aimed at specifically fitting in with your schedule, outcomes and budget.


Our events aim to have your group communicating and working together, combining quick decision exercises and fun outdoor activities. With time limits and mystery activities thrown in, this environment has been proven to develop and enhance trust and independence within an organisation.


There are many different activities that can provide a memorable "shared experience" for your team. Following discussion with you, we will design a teambuilding experience to suit your situation and achieve your specific desired outcomes.


Our Common Key Outcomes

  • A "buy-in" to the teamwork concept
  • Sense of common purpose and team identity.
  • Trust in others
  • Commitment, motivation & decision making to achieve team goals.
  • A fun and overall fulfilling unique experience. 

Adventure Races


Adventure racing is one of the most exciting & varied forms of outdoor team building available.


A sport in its own right, adventure racing combines various pursuits as kayaking, orienteering, map reading & mystery activities all in a fun team race format.


Photogallery18.jpg - largeAdventure Races may include:

  • Maps
  • Kayaking
  • Navigation
  • Orienteering
  • Quick decision exercises
  • Mystery/ fun activities
  • "Survivor" type activities



Adventure races can range from 2hrs to full days, Sessions of 2-3 hours - half a day are most popular & often incorporated into conferences or conducted at the workplace. One day or more programs are usually offsite and can be run from the conference centre at nearby areas.


Programs which include Adventure Challenges are by nature site specific - we can advise the most suitable venue close to your location.


Amazing Races


Races start from either your office, off-site conference or any specific location required.

Groups are divided into separate teams or small groups and can even work as one single team if required.


Teams are given;

  • Names
  • Bandanas
  • Maps
  • Instruction/brief
  • First clue

Then the race is on! Teams may encounter a variety of challenges. You may be required to get from your present location via public transport or by foot to the next clue & then be required to perform a physical or mental challenge or both! Depending on your budget many varied activities can be included. Teams are only as fast as the slowest member & must stay together unless instructed.


Plenty of lateral thinking & mental challenges are included, combining into a unique & fun experience. Teams may follow a theme that is blended into the race, reflective of their companies direction/objectives/values etc. Or if could just be good old fashioned racing in a team environment getting to know each other & having fun out of the office!


Each race is tailored to your needs, in terms of time available, budget, objectives, location, size & fitness of the group.